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Thror was the king of the Lonely Mountain at the height of its glory. Possessor of the Arkenstone and a ring of power, he was gold-hungry – a fact that bound him to his eventual fate. In spite of his failings, however, he was a powerful warrior and a goodly king, and as such his kinsmen followed him willingly into battle. His son Thrain is a grim Dwarf warrior who bears the scars of many hard-fought battles. Stoically loyal, Thrain commands the army of the Lonely Mountain at his behest.

Collecting these 2 models together, this multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Thror and Thrain. Thror wears a tunic, chainmail, serrated armour and carries a shield, all of which are sumptuously decorated, and Thrain wields a huge hammer, wearing an ornate fur-trim cloak with chain mail and elegant armour panels. Both models feature splendid, decorated braided beards and Thrain features long, flowing hair.

These models come as 6 resin components, and are supplied with 2 Citadel 25mm round bases.

The Lords of Erebor™: Thror, The Last King Under The Mountain & Thrain

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  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a Games Workshop web exclusive product and as such is not held in stock as standard. This will be ordered by us from Games Workshop after you have completed checkout. Please be aware that a longer delivery time is to be expected.

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