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Includes one Formation Command team, seven AK-47 Assault Rifle Teams, six RPG-7 anti-tank teams, PKM LMG team, seven medium four-hole bases, one small three -hole base and seven small two-hole bases, two large six-hole bases and one plastic base insert sprue.

Like their tank forces, Iraqi mechanised infantry doctrine followed the organisation, methods, and tactics of the Soviet motor rifle units. Soviet advisers in the 1970s had drilled and educated the officer corps on Soviet combined arms tactics. An Iraqi mechanized company is a true combined arms force with infantry, machinegun, anti-tank, and anti-air capability. As well as the BMPs, the infantry were equipped with AK-47 assault rifles and RPG-7 anti-tank rockets, making them mobile and dangerous.

Team Yankee Oil War - Iraqi Mech Company (TQBX01)

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