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Marshals lead the maniples and cohorts of Skitarii soldiery. They are veteran warriors of countless crusades, privileged to bear enhanced augmentations. Marshals stand as intermediaries between Skitarii formations and their priestly masters, employing sacred uplinks to refine their warriors’ doctrines closer to holy perfection. 

If you're after a suitable commander for your Skitarii maniple, look no further than a Marshal to lead them into battle. As a senior officer of the Skitarii, a Marshal not only makes the perfect choice thematically, but their presence bolsters the efficiency of nearby units under their command. 

This kit builds 1x Skitarii Marshal. It comes in 9 plastic components and includes a Citadel 32mm Round Base.

Skitarii Marshall

SKU: 99070116003
£20.50 Regular Price
£18.45Sale Price
    • An HQ choice available to the Adeptus Mechanicus
    • A senior officer of the Skitarii soldiery
    • Armed with a radium serpenta and control stave
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