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Few sights are so splendid as that of a 17th century battalia drawn up in all their ranks and files, awaiting the order to do battle. Drums tap out commands, officers make stirring speeches, and brave ensigns brandish regimental banners for soldiers to rally on should push come to shove. The pikemen clutching their 16-foot ash staves, tipped with a wicked steel point, are massed together, the lucky few with armour massing in the front ranks. On their flanks stand the 'shotte', blowing on their hot lit matches to ensure that their musket powder would flash true and spit heavy lead bullets towards the advancing enemy!



  • 3x Pike & Shotte Regiments
    • 40x Pike Per Regiment
    • 20x Muskets Per Regiment

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

Pike & Shotte Epic Battles - English Civil Wars Infantry Battalia

SKU: 212013001
£26.50 Regular Price
£23.85Sale Price
NOTE: This item is not in stock in-store, but is available to order
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