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The lord of Lossarnach, Forlong the Fat, is one of the most famous lords in all of the Fiefdoms. Although his name makes light at his immense girth, Forlong is still a fearsome warrior in his own right, possessing an exceptional martial prowess and tactical mind. His massive size also hides an impressive strength, making Forlong easily capable of shattering the shields of his foes and reducing the warrior behind to a pulp.

Hailing from Lamedon, Angbor is the chief of the clansmen that reside there. A bold, if somewhat reckless leader, Angbor has spent his years fighting to hold the White Mountains against the armies of Orcs sent by Sauron to break his people. Such is the bravery of Angbor, that he has never once fled the field of battle – a quality that Gondor will need in the dark days that lie ahead.

Duinhir is the lord of Morthond, the Blackroot Vale that lies beneath the shadows of the White Mountains. Through protecting his home from the raids of Orcs and Corsairs, Duinhir’s skill with a bow has become unrivalled in the Fiefdoms of Gondor, a skill which he has passed on to those that reside in Morthond. It is upon the Pelennor that Duinhir’s fate shall be decided, yet whatever the outcome, Duinhir will doubtless ensure that swathes of Orcs will fall before he does.

These three valiant lords of Gondor's southern realms are at the heart of the Fiefdoms army list. Each is a powerful fighter and can lead a warband of ferocious warriors. Forlong carries a tall spear and a warhorn with which to inspire the warriors under his command; Angbor bears the iconic broadsword of his clan; Dunihir bears a sword, spear and bow, with which he is arguably Gondor's deadliest shot.

This set contains three metal miniatures – Forlong the Fat, Angbor the Fearless, and Duinhir – each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base.

Rules for these Heroes can be found in the Armies of The Lord of the Rings™.

Lords of the Fiefdoms

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    • Valiant Heroes of the Fiefdoms
    • Available for the Fiefdoms army list
    • Three metal miniatures
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