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The Italian paratroopers were hard men, often poorly supplied and supported, but fought and died bravely where they stood rather than give ground.

Folgore (Lightning) and Nembo (Nimbus) were the two airborne divisions that fought valiantly for Mussolini and, later, the Italian Social Republic (RSI) until the armistice between Italy and the Allies. Even then, large elements of Nembo sided with the Germans and became the basis of the German 4th Fallschirmjäger division, being one of the last Italian units to surrender in 1945.


  • 1x NCO with SMG
  • 1x Two-man LMG Team
  • 5x Paratroopers with SMG
  • 1x Paratrooper with Carbine

Italian Paracadutisti Paratrooper Infantry Section

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