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An Infinity unit box that provides all the weapons options needed. Now you can compose a Fireteam of these Medium Infantrymen in the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army. The Djanbazanforms the Special Assault Corps of the Security and Intelligence force. Their versatility, theirMultispectral Visor and their Regeneration Special Skill make them a tough adversary.

Box contains:

  • 1x Djanbazan Doctor Plus (Medikit) (Pistol)
  • 1x Djanbazan (Shock Marksman Rifle)
  • 1x Djanbazan (HMG)
  • 1x Djanbazan Hacker (Hacking Device) (Rifle + Light Shotgun)

Djanbazan Tactical Group

SKU: 280483-0606
£36.55 Regular Price
£32.90Sale Price
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