On the reliable M9 chassis, the Zhukov and Constantine have a fantastic survivability, with Armour 15, 2 Damage Points and Active Countermeasures, they're some of the best armour a Resistance commander has access too.

The Zhukov is an excellent Heavy choice, bringing the 32mm Rail Cannon, which is extremely good at targeting aircraft. With a 2+ to hit and Devastator-2 against both Aircraft and Vehicles, it makes it an extremely reliable damage dealer all round.

The Constantine has lower damage output (although still gets an Energy 9 shot from its hull-mounted 90mm Cannon), but its Countermeasures Projector gives Active Countermeasures to units close by, and Countermeasures Booster reduces the range of enemy weapons when targeting heavy armour. Very useful!

Contains 2 resin miniatures with the choice of weapons to make 2 Zhukov or 2 Constantine. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 47mm in length.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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