Not every world in the 41st Millennium is a blasted urban wasteland – some of them are foreboding overgrown jungles! If you like to add a more organic twist to your futuristic war zones, these trees will fit the bill.

A copse of trees is a natural place to hide some Space Marines Scouts, a Genestealer brood, or both at the same time for maximum fun! The mouldering skeletons on the base remind you this is no idyllic wonderland, and explain how these trees managed to grow so well at the same time!

Each tree is designed with a special modular base that allows you to use them on their own, or arranged together to mark out an area of terrain. Care has been taken to ensure that even the densest arrangements are easy to use in-game and won't obstruct play, measurements, or errant dice rolls.

This kit is supplied in 42 plastic components and builds three highly customisable trees which are perfect to represent an area of woods in your games of Warhammer 40,000.


£32.50 Regular Price
£29.25Sale Price
    • Easily customisable trees to mix up your battlefield
    • Designed for ease of play and simple placement of models
    • Combine kits to build large forested areas

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