Party games are really popular right now, especially those containing edgy content. What Do You Meme: UK Edition certainly falls into that category.


This UK Edition of What Do You Meme? is bigger, better and naughtier than the original game. It brings 435 new cards to the table, including:

• 360 Caption Cards.
• 75 Photo Cards.


The rules could not be any easier. A player selects a Photo Card and everybody else puts down (face-down) the Captions that they believe best suits the photograph. The Judge of that round then chooses their favourite Caption from those put down and points are awarded to the winner.


Next round. New Judge. New Picture. New Captions. Repeat this formula until you can’t laugh anymore! 


Player Count: 3-20
Time: 30-90 Minutes
Age: 17+

What Do You Meme? UK Edition

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