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This is a set of plastic weapon upgrades for use with Tzaangors, Tzaangor Skyfires and Tzaangor Enlightened. It includes 5 arms holding autopistols, and 5 arms holding chainswords which are used to replace the weapons that come with the kits, attaching in the same way with plastic glue.

Tzaangor Upgrade Pack

£9.50 Regular Price
£8.55Sale Price
NOTE: This item is not in stock in-store, but is available to order
    • Upgrade your Tzaangors, Skyfires and Enlightened
    • Autopistols and chainswords included
    • Simply replace the arms on your existing kit and away you go!

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  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a Games Workshop web exclusive product and as such is not held in stock as standard. This will be ordered by us from Games Workshop after you have completed checkout. Please be aware that a longer delivery time is to be expected.

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