The Rebs are made up of a wide variety of races, united by their shared hatred of GCPS rule. From agile Kraaw to light-fingered Zees, from pacifist Judwan to noble Sphyr, right down to standard humans – the Rebs will recruit any fighters. Only those who excel at survival and guerilla warfare can survive the rigours of a Deadzone, making the Rebs some of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy.
This set contains enough components to build 18 bespoke metal and premium plastic multi-part models, including:

4 Plastic Human Troopers
4 Plastic Yndij Troopers
2 Plastic Sorak Troopers
1 Plastic Judwan Medic
1 Plastic Missile Team with Sphyr Loader
1 Plastic Kraaw Warrior
2 Plastic Zee Scavengers
2 Metal Sorak Swordspawn
Round Bases

Rebs Faction Booster

£24.99 Regular Price
£22.49Sale Price

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