We at Warlord have put our heads together and sorted out the colours that we use to paint models, saving you the time looking through paint codes and giving you more time actually putting paint to model. Fantastic chaps the we are we've also knocked a little bit off the total price.

This is the Italian Airborne Paint Offer. It contains 9 x Vallejo Paints from the Panzer Aces range and and the Model Colour range: -

  • Camo Smock base: 920 German Uniform
  • Camo Smock patches: 846 Mahogany Brown
  • Camo Smock patches: 882 Middle Stone
  • Trousers, Sweater and beret: 816 Luftwaffe Uniform WWII
  • Boots 950 Black
  • Weapon woodwork: 984 Flat Brown
  • Weapon metalwork: Oily Steel
  • Webbing: 879 Green Brown
  • Grenades: 957 FlatRed

Italian Airborne Paint Set

£22.00 Regular Price
£19.80Sale Price

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