A single super-heavy tank is a dominant presence in an Astra Militarum battle line. As it ploughs inexorably forward it lays down a wide path of destruction. Enemy ranks shatter long before it reaches their position, and those unlucky few who are able to maintain their defensive formations are ground to paste under the slab-like plates of its tracks. The Banehammer is the ultimate equalizer when facing a highly mobile enemy force. The massive shells of its tremor cannon are primed to explode only once they have been embedded below ground. The sundering effect of their detonations makes rapid redeployment impossible.

The Banehammer is armed with a fearsome array of weapons – none more so than the mighty tremor cannon on its turret. It can also be equipped with a pair of sponsons sporting a twin heavy bolter or twin heavy flamer, each capped by a lascannon turret!

The kit includes a huge array of accoutrements, including aerials, artillery shells, smoke launchers, searchlights, tools, name plates, pintle-mounted heavy stubbers. On top of this you also get 3 optional turret-mounted crew who come with a variety of heads, arms and weaponry, allowing you to make an officer, driver or gunner. Alternatively, you can assemble the turret with a closed hatch. There are also parts for you to make an Astra Militarum officer on foot (supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base).

This multipart plastic kit contains a whopping 295 components. The kit includes the parts to assemble the kit as a Baneblade, Hellhammer, Banesword, Stormsword, Shadowsword, Doomhammer or Stormlord super-heavy tank instead of a Banehammer. Also included is 1 Astra Militarum Vehicle Transfer Sheet, which can be used to add markings and insignia.


£85.00 Regular Price
£76.50Sale Price
    • A super-heavy battle tank and Lord of War choice for the Astra Militarum
    • Armed with a devastating tremor cannon and bedecked with heavy weapons
    • Can instead be assembled as Baneblade, Hellhammer, Banesword, Stormsword, Shadowsword, Doomhammer or Stormlord super-heavy tank

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