The Builder Stone Thrower is an artillery piece that Night’s Watch commanders can bring with them to battle. Extremely cumbersome to move, and poorly armored, the Stone Thrower more than makes up for it in offensive power. The Thrower has no upper limit to its range, lobbing boulders over troops and terrain to land where needed.

The Builders are one of the traditional institutions of the Night’s Watch. Due to the nature of their institution, these Brothers are adept at repairing buildings as well as constructing siege engines. The Builder Stone Thrower is one of these contraptions, used to guard the Wall from Wildlings and other threats. This expensive piece of equipment is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and opponents will be foolish if they don’t react to their presence on the table.

Tactical Points
This is a very rules-intensive Unit, take some time to read through it carefully. Some exceptional rules they have are:
They never roll Panic Tests. -They never gain Condition Tokens.
They may only attack once per round, so taking the Combat Zone on the Tactics Board is rarely useful.
Use the Stone Thrower’s range to your advantage and force your enemy to take an offensive position.

Be careful! If an enemy unit is within Long Range of your Stone Thrower Unit, they are not eligible to being hit by your boulders.

2 Builder Stone Thrower Miniatures on Large Solo Tray
2 Unit Cards

A Song Of Ice And Fire: Night’s Watch Stone Thrower Crew Expansion

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