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Here's what you need to know if you want to join our Crusade Narrative format at Tabletop Republic we will be using the rules from the Narrative section of the Core Book):

If you're interested in the crusade, join using this link: https://www.administratum.net/leagues/join?inviteCode=59a3bac63c834716867a659ea9dd8416 (you'll need to create a force first (can be empty), then following the link)


1: Build an Order of Battle

  • You should build an Order of Battle containing a maximum of 50 Power Level of units - this is your starting roster of units.

  • These must be all from the same Faction (Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons or T'au).

  • You may start with less Power Level, but it should be no less than 25 (Combat Patrol size)

  • You start with 5 Requesition Points, used to purchase upgrades to your Order of Battle (see 3)

  • Once added, a unit cannot be altered or removed

2: Unit Crusade Cards

  • Each unit should be given a Crusade Card to tally XP, honours, battle scars, etc (you can find photocopies online)

  • All units start with 0 xp

  • Named Characters, Swarms, Drones, Fortifications and Summoned Units cannot gain XP

3: Requisition Points

  • You start with 5 RP, and gain 1 RP after every game.

  • You can never have more than 5 RP, so you should spend at least 1 before game 1!

  • Armies do not get a free Warlord Trait or Relic - these must be bought through RP.

  • See the Core Book for a list of Requisitions to purchase, as well as your chosen armies' codex

4: Army Roster

  • Before each game, you should create an Army Roster from units in your Order of Battle

  • A battle size is agreed by opponents pre-game (must be playable by both players), and this gives you the relevant CP, agendas, etc

  • Most games to start with will be Combat Patrol [25PL] or Incursion [50PL]

  • Each Army Roster must be battle-forged and in legal detachment(s)

  • If 1 player has a lower Crusade Point total in their Army Roster, then take the difference and halve it (rounding up) - that player gets that many extra CP this game

5: Pre-Game

  • Arrange a game (pre-plan Power Level!)

  • Create your Army Roster and select a Warlord (must be Character with highest Ld)

  • Pick mission (based on battle size) and create battlefield (4x4 for 25-50PL, 6x4 for 100PL)

  • Roll for Attacker/Defender, deploy and roll off for first turn (winner picks who goes 1st)

6: Post-Game - rolls must be done in front of opponent or Crusade organiser

  • Determine winner (player with most VP - if draw, both lose!)

  • Take Out of Action tests

  • Update XP

  • Determine Battle Honours & Ranks

  • Update tallies

  • Update your Order of Battle and spend RP (don't have to do straight away)

7: Other Rules

  • Game results should be mentioned to the Crusade organiser (Tom M), as well as all updated Orders of Battles and Crusade Cards.

  • All players will receive the +10vp for being Battle Ready, even if not fully painted

It is up to you to arrange games, find opponents and book tables - you can play as much or as little as you want, and there's no downside to joining later (you may have less relics, traits, etc, but you get free CP in return)

Give the store a message on Discord or Facebook if you're interested, and we'll add you to the relevant groups/chats/etc we'll make for Crusading!