This high quality graphic was produced to remind everbody the Government's "Rule of Six" is in place and we must abide by this at Tabletop Republic.

To do this, follow a couple of simple rules:

1.) Stay more than 1m away from everybody else in the room at all times. Even if you came with them or are BFF's. People from the same household are exempt from this with each other, but that's it.

2.) You may not meet socially more than six people, to simplify this we are just saying stay in your group, and don't approach or interact with anyone else in store. Even if you know them, or they usually are part of your group but are not today. If you are on a table with three other people, consider them your bubble for the day and have no contact with anyone else in store (except staff of course).

These are strange times but following these rules is the only way we can currently operate and you can still enjoy Tabletop Republic and use the space in store.

If these rules are not followed, we will have no alternative but to close the tables again.


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